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About Anouk Bindels

'You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life? ' (Rumi)

The value of this wise saying of poet and mystic Rumi I started to understand better, first in my personal life and later in my work.

In my personal life I have learned that when you are passing through a time of emotional pain or trauma, you can make a choice for a more desirable and less stressfull future. I learned to move from living in a state of stress, survival and illness into creation, health and inspiration.  

In my worklife I discovered what thoughts, actions and feelings can do when employees and leaders are not aware of how they influence their work life and the company reality. This can show up in how teams are working together, how problems are solved in the company, how cultures are created, how they behave with each other and how leadership is performed and also on how this influences the outcome of results.   

As a psychologist & therapist, trainer & coach,  I love to see human beings in all their powers and weaknesses, always as part of a system of relationships, with a past, present and desirable future. To guide this process I choose a multi-dimensional approach based on neuroscience, transformation and behavior change. 

True Change comes from the inside out ...... 

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‘Two powerful organs, Heart & Brain, One strong system.’

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