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Dr. Joe Dispenza & NeuroChangeSolutions

​'Life is about change. ​In order for us to survive and thrive in our personal and professional lives, we must continue to change' (Dr. Joe Dispenza)

The NeuroChangeSolutions program, Change your mind..... Create new based on the research, models and teachings of Dr. Joe Dispenza. He has spent the past 25 years studying how the brain works and has developed models and teachings to help us understand how we can consciously engage our brains to create desirable and sustainable change and healing in our lives.

In the program you are thought the neuroscience concepts for change from the inside out.

'In order for us to change, we must make a decision with such a firm intention that our choice carries an amplitude of energy that is greater than the hardwired programs of the brain and our ways of thinking and also far greater then the emotional programming of our body.' ( Joe Dispenza)   

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‘How do we Change?’

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