For whom?

For everybody who would like to truely change from the inside out and become a more whole, creative, joyfull and loving person. As a result your personal and professional life will improve tremendiously.

How does it work?

In order for us to Change we have to clear the chalkboard off of our limitations, beliefs, attitudes and emotional blocks that stand in the way of our goals and our desires. So you have to start investigating your self and increase a greater understanding of your own inner psychology. This will make consciousness grow.

Your personality is build up around thoughts, actions and feelings. New discoveries and advancements in neuroscience tell us that we can create a whole new identity because of a concept called neuroplasticity. In neuroscience this is called metacognition.

In the training program and sessions we teach you how to gain sustainable change. 


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Heart & Brain Resilience

What is it?

What is the key to unlock your door to healing your emotional wounds, trauma's and regain sustainable Change?

We have all reached certain points in our lives where we have become so uncomfortable because of some crisis, trauma, loss, disease or some diagnoses, where we begin to make a measurable change in our life. When we make a decision to change with a firm intention, something amazing happens.

If you begin to become conscious of how you have been thinking, you start feeling your emotions and seeing how you have been behaving,  This creates your personal reality. 

The first step in the proces of healing emotional wounds, trauma and reclaiming your life is becoming conscious of whom you have been.   

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‘Who you are today is made up of your past and present thoughts, actions and feelings.’

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